Tell Us What You Want New Mobility to Cover in 2024

Each year we receive hundreds of great ideas that form the core of the magazine and website. Our collaboration and the special relationship we have with our community has helped us stay fresh and vital and our collective knowledge has unquestionably helped thousands, if not millions of wheelchair users. So how do we keep helping each other? All we ask is that you tell us what stories you want to see covered.

How to Submit

Just email opens in a new with a few sentences and any relevant links explaining what you’d like to see us cover. If there are people you think we should interview or contact, include their names and contact info. And if you’d like to write the story yourself, give us a sense of your approach. The deadline for submissions is August 4.

As a reminder, here are the broad story categories. Use them as inspiration, but don’t hesitate to think bigger!

  • Trend/News Stories: What’s happening in our community?
  • Practical, informative pieces that can improve readers’ lives: These include topics like resource management, health tips, day-to-day disability issues and caregiving.
  • Profiles: Who are the wheelchair users impacting our community — locally and nationally? Do you know someone doing something newsworthy and cool?
  • Travel: Where would you like to go? Where have you been? Detailed advice on where to go, how to get there, and what adventures to pursue upon arrival.
  • Product Stories: Products you’d like to see reviewed, stories about choosing and configuring products and gear related to SCI/D. Product news and updates.

We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!